Amethyst Pendulum


Dowsing is a natural and ancient human ability and possibly the oldest form of divination. ⁣

Pendulums can be used successfully to balance the chakras or the entire energetic system as well as individual organs or parts of the body. They can also be used to select crystals that are right for you!⁣

Crystal measures approx.: 1.75in
Chain measures approx.: 6.75in

Total approx. pendulum length: 8.5in


Amethyst is relaxing and calming but spiritually energizing. It is considered a crystal of balance, transformation, and protection. Health benefits include reduction of stress, anger or rage, fear, and anxiety. Alleviating sadness and grief, it supports coming to terms with a loss.⁣

Amethyst's high-frequency provides great protection, acting as a barrier against lower energies. It's useful when trying to overcome addiction by counteracting the effects of drugs while imparting its own peaceful, blissful energy. 

Amethyst is also helpful for insomnia caused by an overactive mind and protects against recurrent nightmares.