Dowsing is a natural and ancient human ability and possibly the oldest form of divination.

Any dowsing tool can be used to answer any “yes” or “no” questions you wish to ask. You can use a pendulum, copper rods or a forked twig to dowse. For practical purposes, a pendulum is the most convenient and the easiest to carry around. 

Pendulums are simply pieces of metal or crystal suspended on a chain or string.

Choosing the right pendulum

You can either make one or buy one at your favorite local or online occult shop! Simply stand in front of a selection of pendulums or browse the webpage and select the first one you notice. If you’re buying yours physically, grab the pendulum and ask whether it is a good one for you to work with. Keep doing this until you find the pendulum that answers “yes”.

Asking a question

To use a pendulum, hold it between the thumb and forefinger (index finger) of your most receptive hand (in most people this means the left) with about a hand’s length of chain hanging down to the pendulum. Wrap the remaining chain around your fingers and ask a simple question to which you know the answer is “yes”. For example, if you are a woman, you could ask: “Am I a woman?”. The pendulum will make a movement in one direction for “yes”.

Now ask the opposite question and the pendulum should make a different movement for “no”. See? Now, that was easy! You have now identified the way in which your pendulum answers and you can ask any question you wish!

As with all spiritual tools, pendulums respond to how they are treated. If you are serious, your pendulum will always give you the correct answer. Just be aware of how you phrase your questions; they need to be precise and unambiguous and be capable of a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

If you treat your questions as a game or you continually ask the same question, your pendulum will respond in an accordingly insincere way.

Selecting crystals with a pendulum

Now that you’ve found your pendulum, you can use it to help you to select crystals that are right for you! Simply hold the pendulum over a crystal, ask whether it is the right choice for you and then observe the pendulum’s movement.

A focused mind, trust in the process, carefully worded questions, and a clear intent will support your dowsing and your healing.




March 30, 2019 — Ana Saldivar

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